Spill Control Products


spill_gun_groupThe spill control applicator consists of a spill control agent container, an expellant gas cartridge, a discharge hose, and a shut-off nozzle. Suitable integral equipment permits fluidization of the spill control agent, pressurization of the container, and discharge of the spill control agent from the applicator while being operated from its normal upright position.  All spill control applicators are manufactured with corrosion-resistant surfaces


spill_pail_groupChemical spills happen and can immediately become hazardous waste situations. The SPILL-X product line of free-flowing treatment agents provides a quick, safe and cost-effective alternative spill control method. SPILL-X agents are specifically formulated to treat acid, caustic, solvent and formaldehyde spills by neutralizing, solidifying and/or adsorbing.

Four agents are formulated for various needs, including SPILL-X-A for mineral and organic acid spills; SPILL-X-C for caustic and organic base spills; SPILL-X-S for common hydrocarbon solvents and fuel spills; and SPILL-X-FP for formaldehyde spills.  Disposal of spill waste material must meet local, state, and federal regulations.