CO2 Tank and Cylinder Testing and Refilling

We have over 6 tons of liquid carbon dioxide to fill the smallest paintball and beer cylinder or the largest industrial systems.


CO2 Fire Extinguisher and Tank Refilling

We Can FIll Most Types of Carbon Dioxide Tanks and Cylinders.   In most cases, we can fill your cylinder while you wait.

  • Paintball Gun Cartridges
  • Beverage Tanks
  • Home Brewing Cylinders
  • Industrial Tanks
  • Fire Suppression Cylinders

DOT Tank Inspection and Hydrostatic Testing Service

We are a DOT approved hydrostatic testing and inspection facility that can inspect your tank or cylinder to meet the requirements for refilling.   Why spend the money on a new tank when Ace Fire can test and refill your existing tank and save you money.

  • CO2 fire extinguisher testing and inspection
  • CO2 tank testing and inspection
  • Beverage tank testing and inspection
  • Oxygen tank testing and inspection
  • Inert gas tank testing and inspection